Hi! I'm Stephen, a product designer with a keen interest in interaction design and how rich experiences can be crafted through the convergence of people, design and technology.


I’m currently working as a product designer at Deliveroo - Europe's fastest growing startup - within the customer experience product team. At Deliveroo we’re delivering meals to thousands of people in cities right across the world.


I spent a great year (and 2 months) designing at IBM within the IBM Interactive Experience consulting practice. Here I was involved in the design and delivery of B2B products at a global and enterprise scale.


My interaction design honours project, Almanac, is a news platform synthesised from human-centred research conducted into the role technology plays in political debate.

Tesco Bank Loans

Tesco Bank Loans was a university project where Tesco Bank set a brief of improving the user experience of their 'loan journey', the process via which people apply for loans on their website.

At a Glance

A touch sensitive set of weather data connected curtains designed for our user, Lucy, who goes to university in Glasgow but lives 31 miles away in Dunblane.

In Their Footsteps

In Their Footsteps is a way-finding system designed with the aim to address how museums can continue to adopt future technologies to improve the experience of visitors.


Nostone was a project designed from a brief that tasked our team with designing a social network to cater for a niche group of designers where they could share, teach and learn about issues relating to their field.

The Daily Walter

The Daily Walter was a data gift produced as part of a week long pressure project for my Grandfather who struggles to reach his nearest newspaper shop due to poor health.

Yes, but...No, but...

'Yes, but...No, but' is an interactive contrary ballot paper inspired by the lack of (at the time) debate surrounding the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum.