'Yes, but...No, but...' is an interactive contrary ballot paper inspired by the lack of (at the time) debate surrounding the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum.


Inspired by many people's indecision regarding the referendum (at the time of creation), the design of the object takes the form of a simple ballot paper where the user can click a yes or no button. Once they have made their choice they will be given a counter argument as to why they should change their mind. This was designed to inspire the user to research into the key issues surrounding the referendum as well as debating these points with friends and family in order for them come to a more informed decision when deciding whether to vote yes or no in 2014.

Headlines from Yes Scotland and Better Together are scraped from their websites using Processing and then displayed on the object through the use of Arduino and an LCD screen. If the user chooses 'no' then they will be met with a counter argument from the Yes Scotland campaign and if they select yes, then a headline from the Better Together campaign will be scraped and displayed.

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